“Some girls have got no scars/at least, on the outside…”

Writers are funny in that they wear many hats.  I like to call myself a storyteller, because I might choose a different medium that day (fiction, songwriting, just music…) but all of them get a story across.

My name is Julia Mae.  I’ve been playing the harp since 4, and singing since I could form words to do so. Trained classically, I left the world of orchestras and tuxedos for the world of leather and rock. I sing because I want others to hear my words. I want them to be touched, and changed, in some way.  I write because I can sit for hours at a time and get lost in the worlds I’m building, seeing the characters as people, listening to my favorite artists and letting the music guide me towards the story.

Now I’m in a place where I can help others, channeling my pain, my joy, my ecstasy, into a medium where others can feel it, too.

 I knew I had a duty to people everywhere, to anyone who was hurting or felt alone. I tend to focus on emotions people are afraid to deal with: the emotions surrounding loss, sex, relationships, depression, anxiety, abuse, PTSD, and more.

Come with me on my journey. Tell me what it makes you feel. You are not – you are never – alone.

I am Julia Mae Staley, and this is my story. So far.