Political Rant 2

Political rant of the day: Are you okay with allowing misogynist, racist, HORRIBLE people to have all the power in this country? If you don’t vote this year, you might as well say you love the patriarchy! That the KKK are your best buddies! That all Muslims should go back to where they came from! Why? Because you’re giving Trump a chance to win. What was that? YOU ARE GIVING TRUMP A HUGE CHANCE TO WIN IF YOU DO NOT VOTE. If Trump wins, however he wins, it would be absolute shit for this country. He’d probably piss someone off within the first six months and start world war 3. (Which would probably be nuclear because you know, everybody has bombs now… or just bioterrorism which sucks too.) I can’t believe that people are actually dumb enough to let him win. Please, please, for the love of god, I don’t care what your reasoning is, please don’t be a fool. Vote for WHOEVER is running against him. Don’t not vote. It’s childish. It’s stupid If you want to enact change, you can. If you’re that politically charged and motivated, go, lobby, work for your politicians, make a difference. Whatever you want. But don’t fuck up an election for everyone else because your candidate doesn’t get the nomination. If you really don’t believe in Trump, and trust me, no one should, he’s a brainwashing bastard, please PLEASE just vote for the Democratic candidate. Any other decision is a bad one. Is our country broken by being only bipartisan? Should we have a third party that’s allowed to run for president? Probably. Maybe the outcry in this election will finally be that turning point. But if it’s not, and it probably won’t be yet, then be smart. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT LET TRUMP WIN. I can’t say this enough. If he wins, and I am not joking, I am publicly declaring it here, I am leaving the country. You may think I’m being dramatic, I’m not. I am going to leave the United States if Trump wins. Sorry, folks, not staying around in a broken country….And for those of you still thinking of voting for Trump, just remember, if the people here had built a wall keeping everyone out…. oh wait, that’s anyone who isn’t native american. Anyway, point is, building walls doesn’t solve problems. Hating others doesn’t solve problems. I get you’re afraid, I get you don’t like change. But your “ideal” America is a lie, and the vision you have for it is frankly, wrong. You can’t make America great “again”. It’s already great. It’s just not pandering to the patriarchy and the commercialist, xenophobic lifestyle you’ve been used to for so long. Snap out of it. It’s the 21st century. Change with it. Change is good. New people and new beliefs are good. Don’t you want change?


::tears out hair:: I’m done with today.

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