Seriously, Stop Trump Already.

Educated people are thinking of voting for Trump. That’s what makes him so utterly terrifying. My mother has a college degree, and is pretty smart. But I just learned she’s thinking of voting for him, because she believes he “has run a business and can run this country.” This country is not a business. It’s capitalist, yes, and that’s part of the problem for those not in the 1%. This is why Trump is so fucking dangerous. It’s not just hillbillies that like him as a candidate. It is COLLEGE educated people originally from URBAN areas with more than enough street sense to know better. But they’re losing money, too, in this economy, and they’re scared, and most of them are also bigoted, (yes, my mother. Don’t forget I didn’t know I was Mexican until I saw it on my birth certificate myself.) Everybody get out there and vote in November. We will need to gather together to outvote these misguided people. And if they can overlook his bigotry – his clear white supremacy – and his misogyny, JUST because they are in a position of wealth, power or privilege, (and therefore out of danger from his beliefs,) then our votes matter so much more. If he is elected, because I am mostly Mexican, will I eventually be deported? Will my black friends be treated poorly? What about my Puerto Rican buddies? Will my Jewish friends be persecuted? Will my Muslim friends be killed unnecessarily? Will I even be allowed to leave the country to go visit foreign countries anymore? What will happen to freedom of speech, to music, to the media? This man is the freaking Fuhrer, a narcissist, a nepotist, a bigot, a supremacist, and if you can’t see it, you are fucking ignorant. #yesevenyouasshole #Democrats2016 #whygodwhy #clearlyadopted  And btw I am glad Anonymous is acting out against him soon. Actually glad. 


Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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