TAKII Press Release

The press release is out so I can talk about it!

December 27th or 28th (exact date to follow,) I will be performing at the TAKII Anime convention!  I’m going to be doing mostly all my NEW songs, including ones you’ve never heard of like “Talia” and “Reunited”, as well as older classics such as “Lullaby” and “Machine”, as well as a song from the hit anime NANA.  Yes, there will be Japanese involved.  I am so pumped.

I hope you all can make the performance.  Updated to come as I learn more.  Should be fun.  I can tell you already I will most likely have pink hair for the event!  (what what!)

Anyway, this link is to my very important-sounding press release.  I was thrilled to hear such complimentary things.  Big thanks to D-chan for the shout out.  Douzo yoroshiku!



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